Saturday, September 26, 2009

She blinded me with science (and IR film)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot some more IR film with the Holga using the HOYA brand R72 IR filter.

Success!!! They turned out way over exposed, but that's a huge improvement over the last roll using the Opteka filter.

I used shutter speeds at about 1-4 seconds and got negs that were extremely dense. If you recall my last post on using IR film, you'll remember that I was using shutter speeds upwards of 15 seconds and getting underexposed frames.

I cannot recommend the Opteka brand filter and instead suggest that the Hoya filter to be the superior choice by a huge margin. All the characteristic IR effects are there, and I'm sure the sky would have been blacker had there not been an extremely hazy sky yesterday and had I not over exposed the shots so much.

Anyway, heres the contact sheet from yesterday...

Happy snapping!

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