Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moo Business Cards

Today my Moo Business cards arrived! Moo is a printing company based out of Europe, but they have a printing press here in the US on the east coast. They make it very easy to have custom cards printed using your own images. But what really makes them special is that not every business card, mini card or postcard need to be the same image for the whole set. In fact, if you get a pack of 50 cards printed, each and every card can have its own photo on the front!

I used their handy Flickr tool to upload images to Moo from my Flickr account. The whole process moves seamlessly and was extremely intuitive. And now, a week later, I have my very own Foto Go-Go business cards right here in front of me!

A word on the quality. Most noticeable is that the cards are not your typical business card size. They are a little bit wider and not quite as long. If you're very particular on the size of your business cards, they may not work. I found the proportions to be extremely composition-friendly, however. That is to say; working out cropping on this slightly different aspect ratio was much easier than a traditional business card.

The heavyweight paper and the finish really make these cards sing. The color is especially nice. Shadow detail is a little muddy, but that could have been I was working from scans of prints instead of film scans. I will reevaluate the black & white cards after getting my next batch, now that I have a film scanner and can work directly from negatives.

All in all, I am extremely impressed with the quality of the cards, and the handsome, rugged display box is a nice touch! They arrived quickly even with standard shipping, and order tracking let me know where the cards were and when they'd get delivered.

Moo Printing USA

Happy snapping!

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