Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Print developing with instant coffee (yes, coffee!)

Photo Credit: Tom Overton

At its most basic, photography and printing really is a simple process. The right chemicals and an understanding of the process are within almost anyone's ability to grasp. And though it becomes extremely nuanced, layered, and at times seemingly arcane once you start talking about camera types and emulsions and graded papers etc., photography is a hobby like anything else. It's my focus to bring a little simplicity and understanding to film photography, whether you're into lomography and toy cameras, or pinhole or fine art photography.

That said, I was overjoyed when I found this article about developing and printing using coffee as a film and print developer. It does not get much simpler than that! I'm excited to try this out sometime soon! If anyone has any experience in this process, leave some comments for others to read.

Happy Snapping!

Printing with Caffenol - Using Instant Coffee as a Print Developer by Tom Overton


Tom Overton said...

Thanks for linking (and liking) my article. I really encourage anyone with a darkroom to give this a shot. People a lot smarter than me told me it couldn't be done. (and sometimes it can't) ...but when it works it works. The more people printing this way the better.


Steven W. said...

Thanks very much, Tom! I will most definitely post some of my results when I get to try this out!